Shiba Yato

Tsun-Tsun (for Taro), Dere-Dere (for Tenai)


Yaya-chan, as her family calls her, is about two minutes younger than her twin, but seems to have gained all the energy that he lacks. While she’s not necessarily the best at anything beyond running an obstacle course, it’s often considered good that she at least tries as hard as she does.

One could, perhaps, even use the word “spunky” to describe her.


Known Advantages:

  • Blissful Betrothal – Happily engaged!
  • Kharmic Tie – To her betrothed!

Known Disadvantages:

  • Brash – Has a short temper and answers all insults with steel.
  • Gullible – Easily lied to.
  • Idealistic – Believes HARD in Bushido.

Shiba Yato

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