Shiba Taro

The Yojimbo


A bushi alongside his sister, Yato, Taro is being trained as a yojimbo for Asako Hanako. With a young, round face that’s still carrying its baby fat, he’s far from the idealistic image of a samurai. In fact, compared to his sister, he’s less athletic and enthusiastic. Honestly, he’s pretty lazy, preferring quiet contemplation, fishing, and eating to any high skills. The on area he excells at, surprisingly, is Iaijutsu.


Known Advantages:

  • Absolute Direction – Blessed from an early age with an unerring sense of direction.
  • Wary – Given his Hanako’s poor eyesight he’s trained to be constantly vigilant.

Known Disadvantages:

  • Bad Fortune: Allergy – Unfortunately in the presence of perfume he gets itchy and covered in welts.
  • Fascination – Obsessed with cooking, it’s easy to distract him with food or new ways to prepare dishes.

Shiba Taro

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